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Munson, B. (2010).  Modeling the relationship between speech-production accuracy and picture-naming response times in children with and without speech-sound disorders.
Julien, H. M., Munson B., Edwards J. R., Beckman M. E., & Holliday J. J. (2010).  Modifying speech to children based on perceived developmental level: An acoustic study of adults' fricatives. PDF icon Poster.pdf (88.19 KB)
Archibald, L. M. D., Janisse M.., & Munson B. (2010).  Motor speech influences on nonword repetition in typical and atypical groups.
Munson, B. (2010).  On the perception of children's speech: Consequences for the ontogeny of phonetic categories.
Edwards, J. R., Beckman M. E., Munson B., Kong E. Jong, & Li F. (2010).  Phonological development: The acquisition of a (really) complex system. PDF icon Slides.pdf (11.4 MB)
Munson, B., Baylis A. L., Krause M. O., & Yim D. (2010).  Representation and access in phonological impairment. Laboratory Phonology 10. PDF icon Book_Chapter.pdf (1.89 MB)
Johnson, J. M., Munson B., & Edwards J. R. (2010).  The role of clinical experience in listening for phonetic detail in children's speech. PDF icon Poster.pdf (1.29 MB)
Munson, B., Menard L., Beckman M. E., Edwards J. R., & Chung H. (2010).  Sensorimotor maps and vowel development in English, Greek, and Korean: A cross-linguistic perceptual categorization study. PDF icon Poster.pdf (241.89 KB)
Solum, R.., & Munson B. (2010).  The time course of gender influences in fricative identification.
Munson, B., & Marnie C.. (2010).  Variation and Stability in Judgments of Talker Similarity.
Munson, B., & Solum R.. (2010).  When is indexical information about speech activated? Evidence from a cross-modal priming experiment.
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Munson, B., Hall K. Currie, & Smith E. A. (2009).  An acoustic analysis of /æ/ variation and its relationship to perceived sexual orientation in American English.
Edwards, J. R., & Munson B. (2009).  Clinical transcription: Old concerns, new solutions. PDF icon Slides.pdf (5.77 MB)
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Carlson, K. Urberg, Munson B., & Kaiser E. (2009).  Continuous measures of children's speech production: Visual analog scale and equal appearing interval scale measures of fricative goodness. PDF icon Poster.pdf (3.82 MB)
Baylis, A. L., Moller K. T., & Munson B. (2009).  Does audible nasal emission affect listener judgments of hypernasality?.
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Munson, B. (2009).  Gender biases in fricative identification revisited. PDF icon Slides.pdf (2.72 MB)
Munson, B. (2009).  The influence of /s/ quality on judgments of the sex typicality of boys' speech. PDF icon Slides.pdf (266.39 KB)
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Munson, B., Ferguson S.. H., & Connealy C.. (2009).  Perceived sexual orientation and speech style: A perceptual and acoustic analysis of intentionally clear and conversational speech.
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