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Dane County Participation


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Interested in helping us improve methods for teaching young children? Join our research project! Our study looks at how young children learn sounds and learn words.  Both you and your child can be involved! 


Who can Participate? 

  • Children who are 2½ to 5 years old
  • Children who speak English as their first and only language
  • Children who have normal hearing and are typically developing
  • Children with cochlear implants


How does the study work? 

Sessions take place at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Waisman Center, located at 1500 Highland Ave, Madison, WI. Click here for more specific directions on how to find us.

There are two different projects you can participate in.

  • Your child will participate in language activities and word games. 
  • Your child may participate in 1 – 6 sessions.
  • Sessions last about 1-2 hours.

As a thank you for helping us, each child will receive a small toy, a book, and you will be paid!


For More Information

Interested? Want to learn more? You can read our current newsletter! You can also call (608) 263-0729 to talk to Nancy Wermuth, our project manager, or contact us via our online sign-up form!