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Conference Proceedings
Reidy, P. F., Beckman M. E., Litovsky R. Y., & Edwards J. R. (2015).  The acquisition of English sibilant fricatives by children with bilateral cochlear implants. 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. 0219.1-5.PDF icon PDF of published proceedings paper (265.77 KB)
Plummer, A. R. (2012).  Aligning manifolds to model the earliest phonological abstraction in infant-caretaker vocal imitation. InterSpeech2012. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (586.16 KB)
Plummer, A. R., Menard L., Munson B., & Beckman M. E. (2013).  Comparing vowel category response surfaces over age-varying maximal vowel spaces within and across language communities. InterSpeech 2013. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (297.39 KB)
Reidy, P. F., Beckman M. E., Edwards J. R., & Munson B. (2017).  A data-driven approach for perceptually validated acoustic features for children’s sibilant fricative productions. Interspeech 2017. 1750-1854.PDF icon PDF of Paper (448.74 KB)
Holliday, J. J., Beckman M. E., & Mays C. (2010).  Did you say susi or shushi? Measuring the emergence of robust fricative contrasts in English- and Japanese-acquiring children. InterSpeech 2010. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (309.18 KB)
Reidy, P., & Beckman M. (2012).  The effect of spectral estimator on common spectral measures for sibilant fricatives. InterSpeech2012. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (405.25 KB)
Nicholson, H., Munson B., Reidy P. F., & Edwards J. R. (2015).  Effects of age and vocabulary size on production accuracy and acoustic differentiation of young children's sibilant fricatives. 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. 0831.1-5.PDF icon PDF of published proceedings paper (555.67 KB)
Heintz, I., Beckman M., Fosler-Lussier E., & Menard L. (2009).  Evaluating parameters for mapping adult vowels to imitative babbling. InterSpeech 2009. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (319.23 KB)
Plummer, A. R., Munson B., Menard L., & Beckman M. E. (2013).  Examining the relationship between the interpretation of age and gender across languages. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics. 19, PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (432.45 KB)
Kong, E., Beckman M. E., & Edwards J. (2007).  Fine-grained phonetics and acquisition of Greek voiced stops. Proceedings of the XVIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (306.89 KB)
Kong, E. Jong, & Edwards J. (2011).  Individual differences in speech perception: Evidence from visual analogue scaling and eye-tracking. International Congress of Phonetic Science XVII. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (351.18 KB)
Monnin, J., Loevenbruck H., & Beckman M. E. (2007).  The influence of frequency on word-initial obstruent acquisition in Hexagonal French. Proceedings of the XVIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (145.51 KB)
Monnin, J., & Loevenbruck H. (2010).  Language-specific influence on phoneme development: French and Drehu data. InterSpeech 2010. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (409.83 KB)
Plummer, A. R., Beckman M. E., Belkin M., Fosler-Lussier E., & Munson B. (2010).  Learning speaker normalization using semisupervised manifold alignment. InterSpeech 2010. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (1.17 MB)
Beckman, M. E., Munson B., & Edwards J. (2011).  Methodological issues in the study of phonotactic probability effects in nonword repetition. XVIIth International Congress on Phonetic Sciences. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (361.19 KB)
Li, F., Edwards J., & Beckman M. (2007).  Spectral measures for sibilant fricatives of English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. Proceedings of the XVIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. PDF icon Conference_Proceedings.pdf (158.8 KB)
Munson, B. (2015).  Variation in /s/ and the perceived gender typicality of children's speech. 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. 0624.1-5.PDF icon PDF of published proceedings paper (109.81 KB)